Interview with Associate Professor Michael Menser

Interview with Associate Professor Michael Menser

Stimme |  International |  Redaktion |  09.09.2020
Interview with Associate Professor Michael Menser
Michael Menser, Screenshot des Interviews

"I think, we have a colossal moment where we can redefine how humans are going to proceed for the next several decades if not centuries. The ecological crisis, the health crisis, the economic crisis – participatory budgeting is one tool, one process, one movement amongst others and we have to figure out how to connect them to keep them connected with racial justice, with sustainability and resilience and digital justice and economic democracy."

Michael Menser, associate professor at Brooklyn College in New York, has been involved with participatory budgeting projects for many years. He is the chair of the "Board of Directors of the Participatory Budgeting (PB) Project", an NGO which helped to start the first PB processes, and is an active member of the PB committee in the 45th NYC Council District and at Brooklyn College.

Michael Menser talks about the political impact of participatory budgeting projetcs in the US and how important the adaption of social and economic justice in a PB-process is.


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