What factors are especially important for successful participatory budgeting?

There are a whole range of factors that are important for PB to be a success.

Factors conducive to successful PB include:

  1. Politicians and administrators have a positive attitude toward the project, support it energetically and take citizens’ proposals seriously.
  2. Information is comprehensible and presented in a way that is responsive to citizens’ needs and interests, e.g. in the form of a ‘readable’ or ‘open’ budget. The same is also true of the accountability report.
  3. Public awareness-raising work is performed on a broad basis, reaching many different people.
  4. The results are compatible with politico-administrative processes.
  5. The dialogue is facilitated by moderators, either online or at public meetings.
  6. Work is performed transparently during all phases of the process.
  7. Citizens are also involved in designing the process.
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