As well as obtaining background information on PB or information on specific PB activities, you can also use this platform to share ideas with other users. We look forward to receiving your inputs. These will not be preselected by our moderators or the publishers.

To ensure a constructive and productive process of exchange for all participants, please observe the rules listed below. Our moderators may withdraw specific posts that breach our netiquette. Any users who breach it repeatedly may also be blocked.

Please observe the following rules:


This platform is designed to provide information on PB, and facilitate discussion on the topic. In the interests of all participants, please avoid submitting inputs on unrelated topics.

Sources and links

If you are quoting (or even paraphrasing), please specify a source wherever possible, so that other users may refer to the original as they read your contribution. It may be helpful to include links to other websites. Please also observe our netiquette with respect to these linked websites.

License and copyright

All content posted by users falls under the CC-by-license, which means it can continue to be used free of charge, provided that the (user) name of the author and the URL of the project page are specified. Content that users are not entitled to use must not be posted. Users must ascertain for themselves whether they are entitled to use the content in question.


Information and links to services or products supplied by users themselves are permissible. However, please remember that is not an advertising platform, but an information portal. All content posted should primarily serve the purpose of providing technical and methodological information. If the authors are linked to the procedures, services or products described through commercial interests, this must be clearly indicated. Our moderators reserve the right to modify or block posted content if this obligation to provide information is breached.

Anonymity and registration

You may participate in this platform anonymously, but please use this anonymity responsibly. When you register, please do not choose any offensive or ambiguous usernames, and do not masquerade as someone else. Multiple registrations by a single individual are not permitted.

Objectivity, truthfulness and respect

Please word your contributions objectively, truthfully and respectfully. Trust in the power of your arguments, and do not make any claims that are untrue. Respect the opinions of other users, even if you yourself take a different view. Insults, threats, expletives, and material that is racist, sexist, pornographic or might in any other way break the law, are not allowed.

Personal details

Please do not post any personal details – either on yourself or anyone else. In your own interests, please exercise due caution with regard to information such as your e-mail address, postal address or other contact data.

Feedback on our netiquette

You are welcome to express any suggestions or comments on our procedures, rules and moderation in our ‘Praise and criticism’ forum, or by sending an e-mail to svetlana.alenitskaya[at]

Netiquette copyright

These rules were drawn up by Zebralog GmbH & Co KG, and fall under the Creative Commons license. You may use them free of charge, provided that you mention Zebralog GmbH & Co KG. You are also required to refer to Zebralog if you paraphrase the rules.