PBbase network: Evaluation of Participatory Budgeting

Name der Veranstaltung

PBbase network: Evaluation of Participatory Budgeting


25. Januar 2022 - 14:30 bis 16:00



Our next Pbbase meeting will concentrate in the topic: Evaluation of PB processesAgenda:14:30 pm Welcome and introduction of the topic of evaluation (Peter Lorson)14:40 pm Evaluation of the PB process in Bielsko-Biala/Poland (Jan Sienkiewicz)15:05 pm “PB Evaluation Scheme” to set up an evaluation (Hans-Henning Schult)15:30 pm Open discussionOrganized by: University of RostockModeration: Peter Lorson (EmPaci lead partner and Chair of PBbase Board of Experts, University of Rostock)Register now and feel free to spread the event! https://uni-rostock-de.zoom.us/meeting/register/u5Ivde6tqTgvEt1KhtyOVUuJ...If you need more information about this event or have any technical questions regarding this registration, please feel free to contact Ellen Haustein.